by zerO One

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Northern California synthmaster Kevin Dooley follows up his first Waveform release "zerO One," with a more mature, polished and "absolutely stunning" approach to his unique style of contempo electro.

ZERO: That point from which positive or negative qualities are systematically measured: the first of which would be a single unit such as One. ONE: Characterized by unity; forming a whole. 01: The basis of all binary digital language.

"Strap yourself in for the second album by zerO One, aka Kevin Dooley. From his San Bruno, California studio, zerO One orchestrates ambient excursions of a decidedly electronic nature. From the opening 'pOssibilities,' he establishes his sonic terrain with a repeated spoken refrain, 'Your life is going to be different now.' zerO One recalls Dogon, with his sense of playfulness, using vocal sound snippets as signposts in usually surreal sound designs. Take, for instance, 'twO,' Subtitled (oogie-eeha). That phrase is a hypnotic refrain, popping up, like a virtual Energizer bunny, in the oddest, yet perfectly timed moments. zerO One uses these effects to delineate his other world of sound, full of trancey beats and shifting textures. Whenever those spoken fragments arrive, it's like a window briefly opened up back into the real world, but zerO One makes sure you won't want to leave the one he created." -- John Deliberto, Echoes


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