by Various Artists

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Roux means sauce or at least the ingredients in sauce -- and have we cooked up something for you! You want zesty, international flavors along with that secret recipe that only Waveform can offer? You've come to the right place! Take equal mouth watering portions of Richard Dorfmeister's Tosca from Vienna, Germany's deep-dive-corp., Omnimotion from Stockholm, a generous helping of "Paris" from Germany's Trance Groove, X.I.S. also from Germany, the debut track from Seoul, Korea's Potlatch, eer from Paris, MK-Ultra from Montreal and then complete the menu with UK's Journeyman and a never before heard "Matrix II" mix from the Waveform kitchens and we're talking tasty, five star satisfaction!

"flawless ... and unbeatable chillness." -- Is Not Was "a tasty and intoxicating brew." -- AmbiEntrance

Annas.g-corporation.dub (4:48)
by Tosca

Imagination (6:46)
by deep-dive-corp.

Underdub (6:23)
by Omnimotion

Paris (7:26)
by Trance Groove

Sun Walker (5:21)
by X.I.S.

Vacuum Conversation (6:23)
by Potlatch

Hand Car (7:31)
by eer

111 (6:09)
by Mk-Ultra

3001 (matrix II) (12:15)
by Journeyman

released August 21, 2001

Voodoo Roux

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