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Cooler Perspectives From Up North!

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Waveform journeys north of the border for some cooler perspectives and a refreshing compilation of tracks first brought to our attention by our friends from Canada's Interchill label. Heavenly, dub-influenced strains of electro beatz that provide a whole new outlook to twilight time. Kick back under the aurora the evening becomes electric.

"Here's a novel idea, a U.S. label releasing a compilation of Canadian electronic music. Focusing on the downtempo side, the 'Sunset Magnetic North' set presents a well-balanced mix of dub reggae, drum 'n' bass and tabla funk. Considering Canada's rep for high-quality pot, this spacey compilation should affirm our image of zoned-out, peace-loving Canucks in the minds of our neighbours to the south."

-- Now Toronto

"trippy, bubbly undulations." -- Wire

"oozes with sensual fluidity..." -- AmbiEntrance

We (6:19)
by Watershell
Beyond the Borderless (9:47)
by Legion of Green Men
Mossman Skank Remix (6:02)
by Manasseh
Pronoia (8:44)
by Adham Shaikh
Zion Train Remix (5:53)

by Zion Train
Sandcastle (10:43)
by Pilgrims of the Mind
(original elongation) (14:49)

by Ekko
Skin As Soft As Moonlight (9:36)
by Makyo

released October 2, 2001

Sunset Magnetic North

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