by Various Artists

More, Saucy Adventures in Electronica!

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Roux means sauce or at least the ingredients in sauce -- and once again we've cooked up something special! This is our second serving from the Voodoo Roux kitchens -- more zesty, international flavors along with that secret sauce recipe that only Waveform can offer.

Things begin with mouth watering movements from the UK's Jairamji, followed by the relaxed vibes of Germany's deep-dive-corp. and the catchy focus track "Coming Down" by Ohm-G, also from Germany. Chicago and the USA's own Karma Sutra add their exotic vibrations, while former Sweden native and now California resident Holger Honda, works his trance magic. There's another mesmerizing debut track from Seoul, Korea's Potlatch, more German flavors from X.I.S. and we complete things with a classic dessert menu offering from Sweden's Björn Fogelberg.

More, tasty five-star international satisfaction from the Voodoo Roux cooks and kitchens.


"...sultry stylings from around the world add to this ear-warming gumbo." --

"...full of dark, dub transformations and murky Middle Eastern grooves
laced with 'Blade Runner' atmospheres." -- Pulse

Chime (8:17)
by Jairamji
Relaxer (7:55)
by deep-dive-corp.
Coming Down (4:41)
by Ohm-G
Robbery of Vibrations (6:46)
by Karma Sutra
Banana Tribbio (7:55)
by Holger Honda
Sleep at the Swamp (7:07)
by Potlatch
Sun Walker
(moon runner mix) (8:34)

by X.I.S.
SixFiveOneOh (11:41)
by Björn Fogelberg

released September 3, 2002

Voodoo Roux Deux

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