by Sounds From the Ground

More Widescreen, Electronic Panoramas!

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Sounds From The Ground are Nick Woolfson and Elliot Morgan Jones, who met in the underground music scene in London. They released their debut album, 'Kin' on Waveform Records in 1996, with its classic ten minute anthem, 'Triangle.' Today, some eight years later, it continues to be fresh sounding and widely acclaimed - merging ambient, dub, trip hop and jazz styles and catching the imagination of listeners worldwide. The duo's second Waveform album, 'Terra Firma' was released in 2000 and helped secure SFTG as a satisfying and respected UK musical force. With its own favorite tracks like the urban tinged, 'Drugstore,' it also continues to be enthusiastically received. There have also been welcomed stops along the way with a more vocal oriented release on Nettwerk Records, 'Natural Selection,' along with various tracks on compilations and European-only releases.

Now, Nick and Elliot have returned to their roots with their third Waveform title, 'Luminal.' More widescreen electronic panoramas with contributions from noteworthy guests like pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole, vocalist Rachael Calladine, Canada's talented throat singer Tanya Tagaq Gillis who has toured and performed with Bjork and appeared on David Letterman, dub maestro - Dillinger and UK vocalist Taz.

Pick your own future 'Luminal' classics from the focus tracks, 'Stampede,' 'As the Day Goes By' with Tanya Tagaq Gillis, 'Razz,' 'Tumbledown' with BJ Cole, the vocal intensive 'Move On' with Taz and pretty much everything else on the album.

With 'Luminal' - the light still burns and the good time vibes continue, with SFTG.


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