by Urchin

Pumped Up, Blissed Out Beats from the UK!

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pumped up...blissed out electronic beats

Urchin are a UK duo fusing the best elements of big beats and trip hop with their own unique sound collage of blissed out drums, pumped up bass, swooping strings and distressing dissonance. Cutting edge music making all the right noise with the UK press, specialist radio and club DJs.

Urchin are producer/clarinetist Jez Coode and turntable technician and beatz maestro Nic One, who take their crucial DJ'ing, producing and remixing skills with the likes of James Bong, Ceasefire, Mr. Electric Triangle, Anthea, 13th Sign and others to the next level, with Urchin's take on the contemporary UK underground electronica scene.

What the UK Press is saying:

"Exquisite jazziness...takes you into Ali Baba's exotic world, with gypsy style strings underlined by some excellent scratch skills by DJ Nic One. Evoked dungeons and dragons style dope battles. At a time when the market is over saturated, this is definitely a breath of fresh air." -- Miles Ahead

"The best downtempo beats...Creepy, dark and sinister,
perfect late night tackle." -- Blues & Soul

"Hip Hop Top Ten" -- DJ


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