by Various Artists

Eyepopping, Video Soundtrack Album!

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This eye popping, mind tripping release is the audio soundtrack of the Sony Music Video "Ancient Alien" described by critics as "strangly hypnotic," "a brilliant computer-graphics ride" and "gob-smackingly stunning!" From the producers of the highly acclaimed "The Mind's Eye" video series.

The Calling (5:06)
by A Positive Life

Warehouse 5am (9:33)
by A Positive Life

Bathdub (11:22)
by A Positive Life

Hypnosystem (11:04)
by A Positive Life

Pleidean Communication (7:15)
by A Positive Life

Triangle (10:07)
by Sounds From the Ground

Devotion (5:32)
by Pentatonik

Lighten Up! (6:34)
by A Positive Life

Starfire (6:13)
by Om

released August 18, 1998

Ancient Alien

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