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Future Music from the United Kingdom

(track description)

3.01. "Shark Infested" by Real Life. Hed doctor Paul Castle, together with Matt Hazelden and Lee Rosemore, take us on a relentless menacing voyage into the deep, underwater world of the Great White. Swim at your own risk.

3.02. "Skank" by the Higher Intelligence Agency. The HIA stretch their delicate, unforced grooves wide enough to encompass this World and all the Worlds that have ever been and are yet to be. Hi-fi, melodius blip-hop. From their Waveform release, "Freefloater."

3.03. "Drawn to the Woman" by Sounds From the Ground. SFTG, the collaborative energy of Elliot Morgan Jones and Nick Woolfson, deal in textural dub and wide-screen musical panoramas - rich heaps of aural gratification and imaginative sound manipulation. From their Waveform release, "Kin."

3.04. "Lighten Up!" by A Positive Life. Progressive, ground-breaking, anonymous dance-music that's warm, crisp and glad all over. Trippy, symphonic ambient dub for the digital age. From their Waveform release, "Synaesthetic."

3.05. "In 7" by Another Fine Day. From a back room in Brixton, Tom Green sucks forms out of the air, giving audio shapes to the feeling of sitting on soft, sugar white sand, along the edge of a glimmering turqoise sea. He can also be found contributing and collaborating with noteworthy types like The Orb.

3.06. "Sign" by Coldcut. Coldcut are multi-talented workaholic DJs Matt Black and Jonathon More. Cutting, patching, blending and scratching, there is no matching the silky, funky techniques of these scientists of sound - recognised as prime movers in abstract instrumental flavoured genres, usually via their own label, Ninja Tune.

3.07. "Oracle" by Space Time Continuum. The UK's Jonah Sharp, now comfortably settled in San Francisco with his own Reflective record label, offers smooth bass sounds that could easily be compared to a submarine passing under the ice.

3.08. "Solar Prophet" by Insanity Sect. There is a so called "worm hole" which links our sun with other solar systems. Brothers Martin and Kenny remind us of it here, reprising their moody contribution to TWO A.D. with more brilliant visions.

3.09. "Regina From the Future" by the Starseeds. Inner excursions from Regina and Alex, exploring dreamy ambient vocal treatments that implicitly encourage intimacy.

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