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~ For 2015 ~

by zerO One
Still more, award winning, calculated adventures in electronica!
Kevin Dooley sends out his musical massage. His sixth Waveform release!
Street date: 2 Oct 15.
~ For 2014 ~
20 Years of The Best SFTG

'20 Years of The Best Sounds From the Ground'
by Sounds From the Ground
The remastered absolute best SFTG from the last two decades!
The London duo of Nick Woolfson & Elliot Morgan Jones with their eighth Waveform release.
Street date: 14 Oct 14.
~ Our 2013 Releases ~

by zerO One
More award winning, calculated adventures in electronica! Kevin Dooley maps the scope of your mind. His fifth Waveform release!
Street date: 12 Nov 13.
Fetal Position

'Fetal Position'
by enCAPSULAte
Capsula is now enCAPSULAte!
Yosi Shamay returns with more
heady psychedelic chillout.
Totally encompassing!
Street date: 8 Oct 13.
~ Our 2012 Releases ~
add to cart

'Add to Cart'
by JāFU
A wompy, based filled debut from 18 year old Canadian phenom, James Fuller. Chilled out dubsteps with an attitude from North of the border.
Street date: 9 Oct 12.

by Sounds From the Ground
Nick Woolfson and Elliot Morgan Jones return with their seventh Waveform release. More masterly woven Euro electro from SFTG!
Street date: 11 Sep 12.
more important transmission from waveform records.